The Paoletti family has dealt in soft drinks for over 100 years, basing its success on search for quality and choice of best ingredients.

Traditional beverages which have not lost the good taste they used to have thanks to the precious recipes handed down from a generation to another in our family.




This girl, young and unrecognisable in the first Paoletti Drink labels, used to be and still is the symbol of our company.

After so many years we still appreciate the communicative power of this radiant “star”, to the extent that we still want her in the whole range of our bottle sizes.

Quite a lively style with drawings that recall the poses of a diva of the past, above all thanks to her innate and natural sensuality.

FrizzanTina is a gorgeous pin-up girl, smiling, winking, charming thanks to her beauty and to her calm and happy look.

Do you remember the first woman pictured in 1945 Paoletti labels…?
Learn what she was like


Thanks to the unique taste of its products and to the design of its labels, Paoletti drinks are now a real icon of the Made in Italy quality, of our unmistakable life style famous and appreciated worldwide.
The elegant slightly retro layout is in line with the Italianity of the product; an eye-catching and refined design for all the products the protagonist of which is “FrizzanTina”, our beloved symbol, always sensual, cheerful and good-humoured.

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The Paoletti Drinks are perfect for any occasion: sparkling for parties with your friends, refreshing for your hot summer days, good, delicious and always in the name of the inimitable Italian style.



Italian tradition and high quality of ingredients in eleven different flavours, perfect for all those moments in which you feel like refreshing yourself in a fancy and original way.
Taste the pleasure of life with our drinks, made with top quality ingredients that we always select with great care and passion.



The Enrico Paoletti and Sons Company has worked in the beverage production sector for over one hundred years, basing its success on search for quality and choice of best ingredients.
Recently the Company has been enrolled by the Chamber of Commerce with the National Register of over one hundred years old companies.
Present owners Giancarlo, Pierluigi and Gianluca Paoletti still have the same policy, directly following all production stages: from the accurate controls in raw material selection to bottling and finished product. They are supported in their work by faithful collaborators such as Francesco and Vittorio, who have been retailing the products in the Marino-based factory for over forty years.
The relaunching of our products both in Italy and abroad allowed us to achieve another important goal: retrieving local traditions through Spuma and Gassosa, which drinks have accompanied the beautiful history, the dolcevita of our splendid city of travertine. Their original recipes make these drinks the strong points of our companies.

The long and thrilling journey of our company has deservedly led us to be one of the companies that made the history of Italy.
Historical company award

The story of Paoletti Drinks

Nobody knows the reason why our grandfather Enrico, a town-hall usher in the town of Folignano, set up an aerated drink manufacturing business. Considering his very poor means and the narrow-mindedness that there might be in a little village, we must admit he had an extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit and fantasy.
It was about 1910, the first headquarters were the warehouses beneath his father’s house which also hosted a wine-shop where customers used to mix wine with the first aerated drinks produced in the typical bottle tapped with a glass ball. The “industrial” production started in 1922.
At those times everything was based on manual skills (above all of the women of the town) and the only machines were those necessary for mixing and bottling. At the end of their work day, those same women used to glue the colourful labels by hand, sitting on the wooden crates waiting to be filled.
A few years after setting up his company, Enrico Paoletti gives another proof of his entrepreneurial skills taking his products to Brussels, so far away in those times, at the 1925 International Expo. At the Expo he is awarded the Palm of Honour and the Golden Medal for the production of soda water (Eaux gazeuses), witnessing the characteristics of excellence and quality which have been typical of the product from the very beginning. But that was not the first time: same absolute success and same awards had been given at the International Expos of Industry and Work of Milan and Rome the year before, in 1924. (See specific section)
After the premature death of Enrico, his sons, above all youngest Giovanni, the real heir of his father’s qualities, set up the current plant in Marino del Tronto. There, equipment and production chain have undergone progressive transformations, often artisanal and unusual, thanks to which we now process bottled beverages both in glass and PET of any sizes, from smallest to 1.5 litre bottles. The company, always Paoletti-owned, has constantly privileged quality, which allowed to withstand the harsh competition of multinationals.
Though the arrival from Sicily of small and sweet-scented wooden casks containing the various juices is nothing but a memory now, quality and compliance with traditional recipes, as well as the exclusive use of sugar, still are at the base of the corporate philosophy of this company which is now at the fourth generation and has turned its 103rd year.


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