Edited by bartender Marco Pompilii

Vino e Gassosa

Folignano, 1910. After working in the fields, sweaty farmhands went to the old inn run by our Grandfather Enrico, to drink the oldest cocktail of our tradition: wine and soda...

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Storytelling - "Sofia, fior di spuma" (A soda flower)
by Lorenzo Rocci, bartender at Jumeirah Grand Hotel (Roma)

Let me tell you a story. This is how I found a simple, fresh and balanced mix to design my original cocktail. One morning I took two soda bottles from a crate and walked alone towards Villa Doria Pamphili. I needed some time on my own -women…we can’t stop worrying over them...

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Aranciata cocktail



Pompelmo cocktail

Ginger Beer cocktail

Bitter cocktail